India's banking sector aid Real estate growth

Published: 12th June 2006
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Banking in India is undergoing a stage of metamorphosis as the economy of the country takes a giant leap from being a hard-core manufacturing sector inclined economy to a burgeoning service sector economy. And along with the changing economy has evolved the new genre consumers who are opting for innovative financial products and customization of services making the banking sector sit on the edge. Innovative offers and promotion nowadays are no longer for competitive advantage but a norm. Analyzing the status of finance in India, it has been found that the majority of the players in the banking and finance sector are concentrating more on the Retail sector as it is considered to be a potential goldmine which is expected to grow at a rate of 30%.

Also, the real estate boom has opened up doors for banking in India. As competition intensifies between financial institutions like ICICI and HDFC which focused mainly on the banking and insurance sectors of the country and are now turning to more lucrative opportunities for investment targeting on the basic need for modern real estate. This has brought about an array of investment opportunities for buyers and developers who would want to capitalize on this growing opportunity. And as funding for property investments becomes easier with sector of finance in India becoming more liberal, India is currently one of the most exciting countries when it comes to real estate investments and is fast becoming the hottest country in Asia to invest in.

As investments continue in both residential and commercial sectors, the housing finance industry in India is growing for the past few years. While financing through the organized sector continues to account only for 25% of the total housing investment in India, commercial real estate brokers are now playing a major role in coordinating finance options with investors and the banking sectors. In the recent times, the upsurge in the real estate market opened the doors for a host of realty funds from financial institutions but there are still concerns related to availability of funds and mortgage options. Although loan mortgage is evolving as a lucrative option, and a significant change in the structure of the mortgage industry is being marked in the recent years, the mortgage to GDP ratio in India in 2001 was 2.5%. With the advent of organized finance in India, decrease in housing loan interest rates and increase in disposable income; real estate investments in India have become easier and this has proportionately helped in the growth of banking in India.

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